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What We Do

Our innovative and flexible approach combined with 15 years’ experience allows us to deliver the optimal growth strategy for each situation.

Complete business setup

When talented individuals have a good idea and the adequate attitude, we are here to help. NITROGO’s management have significantly contributed to the establishment of over 100 companies in the last 10 years alone. From scratch, starting with a pen and a blank page.

Development expertise and capital

Investing in a business to fund organic growth, through rolling out proven concepts in internal re-organisation and international expansion.

Minority positions

We essentially provide growth planning and structuring when involved in a minority position. Management teams tend to select us for our experience and contribution toward the international shaping and development of an existing profitable business.

Majority positions

When an existing business is in serious difficulty or in jeopardy we would usually seek majority positions. Because our approach is always ‘outside of the box’, shareholders of such businesses appoint us to save their assets and turn a troubled business into a safe and sound venture.

Shareholder restructuring

We have successfully worked with management following a “cash out” event. In a time when businesses cannot rely on banks, we understand that changes to credit terms may require an equity injection to strengthen a balance sheet.


We have strong experience of acquiring underperforming businesses both on behalf of existing investments and as a stand-alone investment and returning them to growth.
Our craft is to support the development of small to medium European companies.
If you would like to get to know us and explore the possibility of working together

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Why Nitrogo

We are very creative and flexible about how we structure a business. We are not bound by cumbersome processes, conventions and committees so we are very quick and dynamic.

We are entrepreneur ourselves. We have a proven ability to understand backup and motivate ambitious business leaders. Because we take an entrepreneurial approach ourselves, we are backing our own judgement with our own money.

With our strong operational experience we leverage our relevant knowledge, contacts and processes to actively back your business.

We master international structuring and international tax planning. We often resort to making clever use of international tax treaties to maximise profit.
Every single Euro of tax saved is money immediately available for the business expansion, so it’s good for the growth and also has a positive long term impact on our nation’s economy!

If you would like to get to know us and explore the possibility of working together

Our Network

A boutique legal services firm specialised in technology and in international tax planning. The same sophistication of planning until now reserved to giants like google or Starbucks has been made available by CHAPLIN, BÉNÉDICTE & Co team of sharp lawyers to smaller ventures.

Pepit’ Club is a business incubator situated in Ashford, Kent. Early stage businesses are able to take advantage of being in close proximity to experts in companies’ expansion.
The incubator contains a true entrepreneurial community who share the experience of developing web and technology business.

Denderah is a financial advisory boutique who bring entrepreneur know how to the real economy financial needs. Concretely, Denderah have successfully partnered with us to raise finance for startups and to handle more complex companies’ mergers and acquisitions.
We have worked with HSBC for over 10 years. one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. HSBC’s international network comprises around 7,500 offices in over 80 countries and territories in Europe.

Work With Us

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

We’ve successfully supported individuals who had a successful corporate career and were looking at starting a business for themselves.
We are happy to work with management at the very early stages and help structuring their
vision and turning it into a sound profitable company.


We welcome approaches from talented individual whose sole wealth reside in clever ideas.
Our greatest achievements were with great personalities who had nothing but the right attitude and we have contributed turning their vision into millions Euros success stories.
Whether you are still studying or have just graduated, if you believe you have the potential to start a business, talk to us in confidence.

Shareholders and Owner

Whether you are looking for an international expansion, a re-structuring, or a full exit, we would be keen to discuss your needs and understand your business.
We had great successes with existing entrepreneurs who wanted to take their business to another level.
Difficult situations are also welcome; our greatest successes have been with companies whose future was more than uncertain.

Investment Critieria

At NITROGO we invest only our own money up to 1 million Euro.

We only invest in ventures headquarter in EEC’s countries where either English or French is the official language.

We are especially looking for businesses or entrepreneurs with business ideas in England, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

We have experience working with ventures in a lot of different sectors, however NITROGO is has been set-up primarily for new technologies.

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